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The medicinal benefits of eating raw marijuana. It is the worlds best anti depressant. Side effects may include bad politics and incarceration.


  • Chef Derek Butt says:

    Thanks for your support. Problem is I can hear myself clearly on my monitors in my studio. What I did not realize at the time of editing is that it would sound different on different speakers. I am working on it. Peace, B.

  • Chef Derek Butt says:

    Yes I will kill the music. Thanks for the feed back.

  • yourgirlbites says:

    Kill the music !

  • justrick48 says:

    Sir the message you are giving out is way to important to so many people why do you cover it with music of any kind, very hard to hear, THANKS

  • MsChronicChronicles says:

    just found your channel I am a patient in ca starting to grow to eat – cannabis for health reasons check out my channel. :)

  • Ray Dukes says:

    music too loud

  • rawr123445 . says:

    turn down the music barely hear you

  • TheTruesuspect says:

    Background Music louder than the person speaking.

  • CannabisReviewTV says:

    Flowers have been cured and are not Fresh/ Raw because the THC is turning neutral instead of Acid.

  • yafollowme says:

    right… and right… lol

  • Chef Derek Butt says:

    I’m figuring if you have a fast metabolism it would get digested before it decarboxylates. The acid in your stomach will decarboxylate the weed. The mature stage of a marijuana plant is about 8-12 weeks into the flowering cycle. The crystal called trichomes turns from clear to an amber color.

  • yafollowme says:

    so if you have a really fast metabolism less would effect you? also what do you mean by mature stages?

  • Chef Derek Butt says:

    When the plant is fully mature it contains the most amount of THCa. You can eat or juice the leaves or buds at any stage but the more mature the plant the better. You have an interesting point. You would think marijuana would decarboxylate in the stomach before it is digested. Generally you would not get high unless you ate a large amount of it and also how fast your metabolism works would factor in on the end result.

  • Chef Derek Butt says:

    Thanks man. I hear you.

  • tj dvs says:

    agreed couldn’t hear shit

  • yafollowme says:

    i have a question B i was wondering does cannabis plants have THCa and CBDa abundant in all of its stages? do you flower your cannabis then eat the leaves? what size does the plant have have to be for maximum THCa and CBDa? wouldnt eating it result in decarboxylation of the THC and CBD causing a high?

  • monstermaniac420 says:

    Dude you need to turn the music down or get a mic to attach to your shirt or somthin cause i can barley hear you. But good vid!

  • Chef Derek Butt says:

    Yeah your right. Thanks for the advice.

  • Krystal Gendron says:

    i could barely hear what you were saying over the music….. maybe lowering the music or cutting it out completely will benefit your video!!! thank you!!! :)

  • Chef Derek Butt says:

    Thanks man. Thats good advice. I’ve been laying low for some time and now that I am legal I feel like the weight of the world has just slipped off my shoulders. I am licensed to produce medicinal marijuana so I don’t have many worries legally. The artist in me just wants to bust loose with it tho. Peace, B.

  • Chef Derek Butt says:

    That’s harsh man. Hopefully the rest of the states will hop on board with Washington and Colorado. Peace, B.

  • evan903 says:

    As stupid as it is, in the states it’s illegal before it flowers. You cant even buy the seeds.

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